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Thank you to Ryan and Mckenna Adams who’s home sale has helped provide emergency and transitional housing for homeless families and support for our marginalized neighbors in Whatcom County through the work of The Lighthouse Mission. Because of friends like you who have chosen 2roofs as their Realtor over 200 people in need have been helped to find housing.

Here’s Lynnette’s story, a lady and her dog helped through The Lighthouse Mission.

Lynnette & Bandit’s Story


Lynnette is so grateful you give. You’re making a difference in her life!

Before coming to the Mission, Lynnette was lost. She had no hope.

Lynnette explains, “I had been outdoors for over a year and a half, so being indoors was something I had to get used to.” And she’d never gone to a shelter before. She appreciated the meals and having a place to sleep at the Drop-In Center. She’d get up in the morning and ask the staff, “What do I need to do?” Staff helped her make goals and figure things out.

After a while, she got into our Agape Home for women and children. Lynnette says, “Since then, my life has

transformed so much.”

“It’s community living, which is all new to me. We encourage and help support each other,” she says.

She’s also been growing because of the classes available at Agape. “The classes help us enrich our lives and do better. This place gives people life, gives them another chance.”

Lynnette loves her dog and the fact he’s welcome at the Mission. She says, “Bandit has his own little mission… he brings smiles to everybody’s faces. I’m known as Bandit’s mom.

Lynnette and Bandit, her Plot Hound Chow service dog: “We thank you very much!”

Now Lynnette feels like she belongs. She shares that at Agape, “There’s a feeling of calm through here, peace. It gives you a sense of, okay, here I am and I need to get it together so I can help other people.”

Lynnette is super thankful to all who have helped her. Here’s what she wants to tell you:


“Thank you very much to all the donors and supporters of the Lighthouse Mission. Without your help, without your support, this wouldn’t be possible.”

She continues, “This place has given me a lot of hope and more faith in the Lord. It’s been a huge blessing for me and my dog, Bandit. I don’t know where I would be without you.”

I don’t know where I would be without you.

Getting into her own place is always on Lynnette’s mind: “We’re looking forward… And I keep telling Bandit, I’m gonna find that front porch for you, it’s not gonna be long.”

2roofs' Realtors work hard to make your home buying or selling experience enjoyable and give part of every commission to help house a person in need. See more stories.