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Susan Corbus

Susan Corbus

Thank you to Susan Corbus, who used 2roofs with two home sales! The sale of your homes helped provide emergency and transitional housing for homeless families and support for our marginalized neighbors in Whatcom County through the work of Lydia Place. Because of friends like you over 200 people in need have been helped to find housing. 

Here’s Jenny’s story, a mom helped through Lydia Place.

Jenny’s Dream


During a home visit, Jenny once said, “If my mom had made different choices, things would not have been as difficult for me.” The experience of a growing up with unstable housing and a difficult home life prevented Jenny from completing High School. School was challenging for her and when no one seemed to care if she graduated or not, she decided to drop out and get a job.

With the support of Lydia Place, Jenny and her three sons are living in an apartment as a part of the Family Housing Program. Jenny has since enrolled in classes and is working to attain her GED. With aspirations to attend a Medical Assistant Program, Jenny’s dream is to become a Registered Nurse. She looks forward to the day she can show everyone, including herself, that she is capable of getting a college degree. Jenny frequently comments about how exciting it is to be able to make a plan for her life, and to be able to have the support to make the decisions now, that will give her and her sons more opportunities in the future.


Jenny is a firm believer in her children and their abilities, she is not afraid to ask the tough questions and seek knowledge to solve the root of a challenge. In this last year, she has been able to obtain childcare for her two youngest children and has worked tirelessly to be an advocate for her oldest son with special needs to ensure he has access to the education he deserves.

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