a 2Roofs Story: Madelin's Family Gets A New Home in guatemala!

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Madelin held by her mother in their former shelter

Madelin held by her mother in their former shelter

When you buy or sell your home with 2roofs, we help build one for someone in need. A roof for a roof. More info HERE.

Madelin is 5 months old and her family is from a small village outside of the town of Parramos, Guatemala. Her father, Maudilio, and mother, María, work as a day laborers planting and picking different fruits and vegetables depending on the season. This type of work is very sporadic and does not provide enough dependable income for adequate shelter. María, her mom, also works as a day laborer in the fields with Madelin strapped to her back. 

After a recent home sale, 2roofs partnered with The GODSCHILD Project, an award winning humanitarian organization based in Guatemala, to help build a home for Madelin and her family. 

The family’s former home was made of sheets of metal with a dirt floor and the family lived without any electrical appliances since they have no means to purchase any. Living in such conditions, dirt floors and exposure to the elements, causes increases in illnesses and disease.

We (Rob and Sean) got to visit the family in their new home on our recent trip to Guatemala. It was amazing to know we helped make a difference in such a practical way. The new home has cement floors, is twice as large as the former structure, and protects the family from the winds and rain. It also allows the family to cook in another room with better ventilation to protect baby Madelin from constantly breathing in the smoke of an open fire. 

Check out photos of the home build below!