Guatemala Here We Come!

We just booked our flights to Guatemala for mid February. 2ROOFS will be helping build our third home and we couldn't be more excited! We (Rob and Sean) will be volunteering on the build and will get to know the recipient family. We look forward to sharing the story with you when we get home. 

This build was funded from a recent sale. Every home you buy or sell with us helps build a home for someone in need. This home will help the recipient family in so many ways. Could you imagine living in a shelter that leaked when it rained? Seeing your children struggle with health problems because of exposure to the elements? A new home means a fresh start in many ways for this family. It means a safe, warm place to call their own, but also frees up energy for important things like education and employment.

Thanks so much for your support of 2ROOFS. Let us know how we can help you with your next real estate sale or purchase and together we can make a difference.