The Kindness of Strangers & a 2roofs Home Sale

2ROOFS is Whatcom County's own social real estate team. Every sale helps house a person in need at no additional cost to you. See how it works HERE.

Thank you to Fred & Erin, another 2roofs client! The sale of your home has helped provide emergency and transitional housing for homeless families and support for our marginalized neighbors in Whatcom County through the work of Interfaith Coalition. Because of friends like you over 100 people in need were helped in 2roofs' first year of business. 


The Kindness of Strangers Can Change Lives

Jenn, a mom with three children, had addiction issues for much of her life and struggled with self-worth because of the dysfunctional family she grew up in. She was told, and began to believe, that she wasn’t good enough, she wasn’t loveable or loved, and she didn’t deserve love. Jenn lived in a very dark place for a long time. She tried detox several times until after having her children removed again, she stuck with it.  She tells us, “I went and started to peel the onion layer of damage and brokenness over the years, and I reached out to God and started going to church again…”  But leaving detox and starting again was another mountain to climb and she faced homelessness and the threat of losing her family. 

Jenn’s family was welcomed into Interfaith Coalition housing. She says “…because of Interfaith taking a chance on me, we have a safe home and feel secure… I don’t have to worry about what or where we’re going to eat, if we’re going to be warm enough, or be a burden on somebody…”  She got a job and started back to school and is working towards a degree so she can work as a counselor for others struggling with addictions. "There was a long time when I felt that my past defined me, but it didn’t have to. I’ve been able to see that I have worth because somebody took that chance on me.”

The work of Interfaith in helping families stay together and transition from homelessness to stability, gives an even more important message to these children and adults:  “It’s absolutely amazing how people that don’t even know me have given and been kind, so I could have a better life.  And if that doesn’t show me that I’m love-able, I don’t know what does!”

YOU are those “people that don’t even know me” that Jenn speaks of.  YOU are making a difference and sending a message that the children and their families we shelter and support are worthy of love and are loveable. You are truly transforming lives – thank you.

2roofs' Realtors work hard to make your home buying or selling experience enjoyable and give part of every commission to help house a person in need. See more stories.