Young Mother of Two Finds Her Confidence

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Thank you to another 2roofs client! The sale of your home has provided women like Jenna the ability to recover their dignity, strength and confidence. Because of friends like you over 100 people in need were helped in 2roofs' first year of business. 


"Leadership is my Strength"

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In June of 2015, we (Northwest Youth Services) picked up a new client, Jenna, from the shed she was living in. At this time, Jenna was pregnant and caring for her 1 year old daughter alone, and relying on the last bits of generosity from an acquaintance to maintain her "shed". After we picked her up, Jenna was able to enroll in our Transitional Living Program where she was able to successfully graduate a year and a half later. Because of this, she was able to move into an apartment with her partner (who had also been previously homeless) and her daughters with some rental assistance provided by NWYS.

Completing exit paperwork with Jenna, we asked her, “What are your strengths?” She and the program director had discussed this same question a number of times and each time it was “I don't know” in response. This time was different. As we sat in her living room of her new apartment, Jenna looked around at her girls, well fed, well behaved, and attending Head Start regularly, and then at her lease documents, she then looked directly at the program director and said, without hesitation, “leadership.” In this moment, we realized that through all the case management, all the doctor’s appointments, school meetings, work permit proceedings, and budgeting discussions, this Jenna was not only learning life skills, she was finding her confidence. Thank you to 2roofs' clients for letting their home purchase help to support women like Jenna - it truly does make a difference.

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