This Home JUST SOLD and Proceeds to Benefit Northwest Youth Services!

Thank you and Congratulations Kyle and Tanya!!!


What a process full of ups and downs as we have searched for homes together over these many months. You were troopers and so much fun to work with! We are all very excited for you and your family to have found your new home. Now you can settle in and get busy building the life you want to live here for many years to come. This home is such a sweet place and we are excited for your family to fill it with the love you bring. Thanks for being amazing people to work with and for trusting us at 2roofs through the process. Sending tons of love your way for the future.

Kyle and Tanya

Kyle and Tanya

By choosing 2roofs, Kyle and Tanya will now help house a person in need through Northwest Youth Services Shelter. Stay tuned for the story of how this home helped this specific non profit or family. (See how it works here).

Want to help a person in need? Send us your referrals! When anyone buys or sells their home with 2roofs, we help house someone in need at no additional cost. A roof for a roof.