This Home JUST SOLD and Proceeds to Sean Humphrey House!

Congratulations and Thank you Tia!


OMG, we did it! No, you did it! Your first home...AND, its a lovely place in such a serene location! We know this was your dream home and we are super glad to have helped you make it your own. We know it can be stressful buying your first home and we don't take it lightly that you chose our team to walk you through it all. We are all so happy for you and your kids! So, take a deep breath today, and enjoy living in this lovely place! Cheers!

Tia Crum - 41667 N. Shore Ln..PNG

By choosing 2roofs, Tia will now help house a person in need through Sean Humphrey House. Stay tuned for the story of how this home helped this specific non profit or family. (See how it works here).

Want to help a person in need? Send us your referrals! When anyone buys or sells their home with 2roofs, we help house someone in need at no additional cost. A roof for a roof.