2roofs Story: How a home sale helped this malnourished infant

A 2roofs story: when you buy or sell your home with 2roofs, we help provide housing for someone in need at no additional cost to you. A roof for a roof. 

Meet Baby Emili

ANTIGUA, GUATEMALA. July, 2016 - Emili Cruz lives at Casa Jackson, a Guatemalan care center for malnourished infants. She was born with a throat condition causing her to have trouble swallowing food.

Because of her condition, at one year of age, Emili was struggling with such severe malnutrition and life threatening weight loss her parents admitted her to the center.  

Emili comes from a very low income family from Masagua, Escuintla and her family is not able to pay for her housing, medical care and food at the center. 

Last month the clinic reached out to us at 2roofs with Emili's story. We were happy to match her with the Glessner family who was just buying their first home!

Meet the Glessner Family

Around the same time Emili was admitted to Casa Jackson, the Glessner family was preparing to purchase their first home in Chicago.  Having moved recently from Bellingham, WA., they had heard about 2roofs' mission to use real estate commissions to help those in need.

They contacted us and we connected them with a realtor from our national network and who lives in Chicago. Our partner realtor participated in 2roofs' mission and proceeds from their home purchase went towards providing a year of housing, nutrition and medical care for baby Emili in Guatemala. 

Though her journey is ongoing, Emili’s health and nutritional status has improved since she has been in Casa Jackson. Sean, from 2roofs, will be visiting her with his family next week when he travels to Guatemala to volunteer on another 2roofs home build. 

Contact 2roofs for your real estate needs (no matter if you live in Chicago, Colorado, Bellingham or wherever!), and we will help someone in need out of the commission from your sale. 

Give us a call if we can help you or a friend buy or sell your next home! 

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