Home Sales In Whatcom County Helping Homeless Children Like Francisca

Francisca in her mud floor shelter

Francisca in her mud floor shelter

Meet Francisca. She is seventeen years old and lives just outside of Antigua, Guatemala. She shares a one room, scrap metal home with her mother and three siblings. Her family's shelter has mud floors and leaks when it rains and Francisca struggles with a respiratory illness due to exposure to the elements. 

Francisca's mother, Maria, is raising her children alone. She left Francisca's father who was an alcoholic and often beat her and the children. She was able to piece together this shelter and went to work cleaning houses, but struggles to earn enough to provide for her four children. 

So how does Francisca's tragic story in Guatemala have anything to do with home sales in Bellingham, WA? Rob Weston and Sean Hall, of Bellingham, have started a new real estate team called 2roofs to come alongside people struggling with homelessness and poverty. When you buy or sell your home with 2roofs, they help build one for someone like Francisca at no additional cost to you. A roof for a roof. They then connect their clients with the story of the family they helped build a home for complete with photos of the build. Rob is a local Realtor with twenty years experience in Whatcom County and Sean is a local community development entrepreneur. From the profits of a recent home sale, 2roofs is helping build Francisca, and her family, a new home. Several upcoming builds for those in need are in the planning process. 2roofs is also partnering with local advocacy efforts. 

2roofs first encountered Francisca's story through a non profit called The GOD'S CHILD Project, an award winning humanitarian organization serving low income families in Guatemala. Together, The GOD'S CHILD Project and 2roofs will break ground on Francisca's new home late November this year. This is the second home build from 2roofs who started this year with the mission to help create a better world two roofs at a time.

Will you help spread the word? With every referral, 2roofs helps build a home for someone in need when the sale closes. For more info see 2roofs.com.