Buying or selling a home?


Let your home sale benefit Cascade Connections! Our program is free to use and the donation will come entirely from your Realtor's commission. There is no additional cost to you.  



It's Simple

1. Before you contact a Realtor, sign up on the form below. 2roofs would love to be your Realtor, but you can also suggest another you would prefer to use and we will reach out to them on your behalf. It's important that you sign up here as a first step. 

2. When your sale closes we will donate the equivalent of 20% of our commission through our giving program at no additional cost to you.

3. Afterwards, you receive a complimentary keepsake, hardcover book featuring the story of the person your sale helped. 


Start Here

Sign up here to indicate you are being referred to us by Cascade Connections. We will double our pledge to 20% of our commission for Non Profit referrals!

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After you sign up (on the form above) we will be in touch and will be happy to answer any questions you have! We look forward to helping you buy or sell your home!



This sounds too good to be true. What's the catch?

Well, breathe easy! There is no catch. No hidden fee. No extra home charge. No extra percentage charged from the Realtor. No jacked up listing prices or anything else like that. Our Realtors give the donation from their own share of the sale. 

So, if I don't pay for the donation, who does?

We are excited to get leads from Non Profits and to give back to their great work in our community. The donation comes from the Realtor's portion of the sale: the commission. Home owners would pay this commission anyway to work with a Realtor, so there is no extra cost to you. When you are referred by a Non Profit, our donation is the equivalent of 20% of the Realtor's commission. 



How much will the donation be that comes from my home purchase or sale? 

Our standard gift is 10% through our 2roofs Giving Program. However, if you are referred to us by a Non Profit we double our pledge to 20% of the Realtor's commission. This tends to be about $600 for every $100,000 in sale price. Let's take an example and say you were referred to us by a Non Profit. You sign up here, work with 2roofs or a partner Realtor to buy or sell your next home. This home sells for $500,000. As is normal, your Realtor receives a commission from this sale (commissions are agreed upon in advance and paid by the owner of the property. The buyers of the property pay no commission). In our example, the sale closes and the Realtor receives a standard 3% commission. This would mean Your Realtor gets paid $15,000 (3% of $500,000 sale). Still with me? 20% of the Realtors commission (the donation amount) is then $3,000. You choose your favorite Non Profit as the beneficiary. They will now receive $3,000 as a donation. 

If my Non Profit has a pool of preferred Realtors, how does this work?

2roofs often works with a pool of preferred Realtors for a specific Non Profit. We do this through a commonly used practice between Realtors called referrals. In exchange for a client referral from us agents are excited to participate in our program and to give back through the sale of the home. These Realtors all come highly recommended by your favorite Non Profit. You can simply choose the Realtor you want to work with as they will have all agreed to participate in our giving program. 

Do you work with home buyers as well as home sellers?

Yes, absolutely. Though commissions are always paid by owners of properties, both the buyer's Realtor and the seller's Realtor (sometimes the same person) are paid commission and thus can participate in our giving program. 


Can I suggest a Realtor I would like to use? 

Yes. You will still need to sign up here on the form above. Just give us the Name, email and cell number of your preferred Realtor in your message on the form and we will contact them to see if they will participate in our program. The contact needs to happen through us. We let them know we have someone who has requested them to participate in our giving program. The agent will need to agree to give up a portion of their commission for the referral. Referrals are common between Realtors and most Realtors are very happy to give back to a Non Profit. If they do not want to participate there is, of course, nothing we can do about this. We will then send you a selection of great, vetted Realtors from which to choose. 

How does 2roofs make money?

We make money from the fee we receive from the Realtor for the referral. When working with a pool of preferred Realtors we negotiate the referral with our partner Realtors. This referral is paid entirely by the Realtor from the commission. Realtors are excited to get leads from us and gladly pay us for the lead in addition to participating in our giving program. We do not have any extra charge for our Partner Non Profits or those who participate in our program. Of a 35% referral, 20% goes to the Non Profit and 2roofs retains the remainder. 

Will you share the story of how my sale helped the Non Profit?

We ask the Non Profit to send us a few photos and the story of how they used the donation. We then pass this story on to you so you can feel the impact your sale made! 

Whose life will your next home sale change?